Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Tour {Partial}

So, after about 6 months, I suppose I'll give you a little tour of our house.  It's not quite complete (from my perspective) but slowly it's getting there. 

Looking from the entryway.  Still looking for a picture for above the fireplace...
the search isn't going well! =/
View from the bedroom hallway.

View from the back doorway.

New curtains!!  It's a little bright to see very well, but it gives you the idea!

View from kitchen.
We had the builder add the backsplash since there wasn't one. 

Again...still searching for some bathroom decor.

My modified shower curtain!  Couldn't find one long enough
so we added some coordinating fabric to lengthen it.

He desperately wanted to paint his wall red!  I vetoed the idea and thought
I'd give him a red letter 'R' instead!  At least he has some red in his room!

Found this frame at Target (originally turquoise) and thought
it would be a good spot for his art/pics of him and Carter, etc.
This was his first "man" (Daddy) and he wrote his name all by
himself--with a little coaching!


Still need to add some things to this yet.


So, there you have it.  I'm still working on our bedroom/bathroom.  The bedroom has been painted just haven't found any decor yet that I just have to have!  I guess I haven't really looked yet either!  And, the spare bedroom hasn't been touched.  I think I need a painting break!  It's not so easy to paint with 2 kids unless I want to stay up until all hours of the night!  Oh well, slowly but surely!


  1. I really really like it Lori!! You have such a great touch and I love the colors you pick and the wall hangings you do!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. looks awesome!!! i love the color blue in Riley's room-the red R is a good contrast. oh-and for above the fireplace how about a BIG family picture (assuming Bret doesn't

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