Monday, February 27, 2012

Carter {5 months}

In the midst of unpacking boxes a certain little man turned 5 months old! 

Carter is starting to get pretty good at grabbing toys.  And he loves to put things in his mouth--especially fingers!  Sometimes he gets them a little too far in there and gags himself!

We haven't quite got the rolling over part down but sometimes he surprises us and flips himself over when we're not watching.  The other day he flipped himself over when he was laying in his boppy.  Not sure how he managed that one, but I think it surprised him too!

He's still fairly quiet and likes to observe what's going on around him.  Although he does have a voice and is starting to talk a lot more. 

He loves to be naked!  Almost every time we strip him down he kicks and pushes off with his legs like a crazy man!  He's little but he's got some strong legs! 

Sleeping hasn't been top priority on his list lately...espeically at night.  He had been sleeping from about 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. with no interruptions.  Now he seems to think it's fun to get up once a night and eat.  Maybe he's growing, but it's not very fun for mom when we had been sleeping so well!  Oh well!  This too shall pass, right?!  I think now that we're getting settled in and getting back to more of a schedule he's starting to get back on track.

Hard to believe he's been here for 5 months already.  We can't wait to see what the next months hold for him!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


OK.  See?  I told you I probably wouldn't be very good about updating this thing!!!  Never mind that the last several weeks of our lives have been chaotic and stressful and everything in between! 

To make a long story short...we had a buyer for our house within the first week of listing!  A few weeks later she decided to back out.  Back to square one.  The next day we had another buyer!  And, hopefully, we'll be able to close soon.  Selling a house is such a fiasco!

Anyway, last week was our official move to Texas.  It went rather smoothly and quickly.  It's quite nice to have someone else pack for you!  The moving company came in with two guys and were there for less than six hours and had the entire house and garage all packed up!  I'm pretty sure it would have taken me 10x as long to get it all packed.  We only had to pack a few things ourselves.  So we spent the last night in our house surrounded by towers of boxes!

The next morning the movers came and loaded up our things and we said one last goodbye.  It was kinda sad.  Even though we have referred to our house as the 'money pit' (sometimes quite often!) it was our first house.  We brought two kids home there and had lots of good memories!  Some of those memories we relive every year...such as a certain Christmas tree incident--which could be blog worthy at some point! ;o) 

So, after a night spent at my parents house we headed out for Texas.  It took us at least a half an hour to even get out of town.  A certain 3 year old decided he had to go to the bathroom at least 3 times before we even got to the highway!  We were pretty sure it was going to take 2 days to get down there at that point!  But, thankfully, we eventually got on the road and it wasn't too bad of a trip.  The boys are pretty good travellers!  And we were packed to the max on the way down!



Our things weren't being delivered until the following day so we spent the night at a hotel since we didn't have any beds!  The next morning when we got to the house the truck was sitting outside waiting for us at 8:00!  Our only job that morning was to check off boxes and to tell them where to go.  If you ask me it's a pretty nice way to move!  No packing, no unloading on our part!

They made pretty quick work of unloading the truck.  Bret checked off the boxes and I told them which direction to head.  We had it pretty easy when it came to the moving part.  Unpacking boxes, well, that was all on us.

Let the unpacking begin!

Good thing we have 2 bathrooms!  The toilet is behind all those boxes!
My tower of packing paper!  This was JUST from the kitchen and I still had a box to go at this point!   Pretty sure a small forest sacrificed it's life just so we could move!

We don't quite have things all put together yet, but it's getting there.  Don't'll get a tour when it's all done!  For now here's a peek at the outside of our new house!