Friday, July 20, 2012


Carter found a new place to play! 

Unintentional I think, but that's just where he ended up!
He started out about 3-4 feet behind where he is!

He's really wanting to pull up on things.  Just hasn't quite figured it out yet!  And still no crawling!
He must have thought he was pretty clever because when I pointed the camera at him this is the onery, cheesy grin I got!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Carter {9 months}

At 9 months Carter is full of personality!  He usually has a big cheesy grin for us that brightens anyones mood!  Usually in the mornings-if he doesn't wake up crying-he's just laying there with paci in mouth and as soon as he sees me starts kicking away!

He's still a little guy.  Daddy can hardly stand it that he still wears some 3 month clothes!  We throw in a few 6 month clothes too!  His little tush is still in size 2 diapers!  We just are getting more bang for the buck there! ;o)  He checks in at 15 lbs. and 5 oz. and 25 inches!

And just to prove he's got some chub on him (in case you didn't see the last post)...

He still scoots around on his back some; although, he loves to sit and if we come back after a little while he usually has scooted himself into a different direction and not quite at the same place he was plopped down in.  Carter loves his brother still and Riley loves him (we'll see how long that lasts--probably just until he starts getting into his things!).  No crawling yet.   He loves to bounce up and down when he's sitting there (I'm thinking that's how he scoots himself around) and occasionaly will bounce himself over to his tummy.  And he's finally allowed us to see him roll from tummy to back--multiple times!  Going the other direction is still a bit iffy.

He loves to grab our faces and give us 'kisses.'  They are pretty wet and you have to watch out for those teeth!  Those bottom 2 teeth are sharp and the top 2 are not too far from showing their stuff either!  Thus, everything goes into his mouth, which is why a lot of the time it's plugged with a paci!  When it's not plugged and there happens to be nothing in there he can babble with the best of them.  He says 'mamamama' and 'dadadadada.'

He's starting to eat some table food and loves Cheerios!  Hasn't had too much of a complaint with anything...yet!  Seems to love the carbs (must take after mama!) and loves muffins and banana bread--and even pancakes!

He makes us all laugh and we wouldn't trade him for the world!