Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Fun

It's been getting hot around here.  Not really much different than Kansas-just not so much humidity!

So, in light of the heat, we've been doing a little swimming.  Nothing major...just a backyard kiddy pool, but it's seems to be a hit!  Carter doesn't do a whole lot, but Riley loves it.   Can't think of a better way to cool off then a dip in the pool!  As much as you can 'dip' in a kiddy pool! ;o)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Oh to be '3'

Riley loves to play outside....IF you're out there with him!  When we're out there it's usually to play catch or basketball or have races to the balls we throw.  Usually if Dad or Mom misses a basket he tells us, "That's why you need to start practicing!"  Oh, if only he knew how much time both Dad and Mom have spent in the gym!  And, of course, Daddy has to make sure we get the right technique down when we run the ball back.  You gotta tuck it in!

He figured out a new "game" too.  Throw the ball on the roof and try to catch it when it comes down.  We're still working on the catching part!

He also loves to do puzzles.  We usually have to help him even though he doesn't need it.  So our "helping" usually is one of us sitting on the floor beside him and watching.   This time he decided to make himself a little line of pillows to lay on while working on puzzles.  Sometimes it's amazing what they come up with!  And, typically while working on said puzzles he's always saying, "Oh, my back hurts!"  Where he ever got that I don't know!

Nice smile, right?!