Thursday, October 18, 2012


Okay.  So, almost a month ago my baby turned 1.  This year has flown by--even though some days have felt like forever!  This post, sadly, will be without pictures.  I'm having some problems uploading them for whatever reason. =(

His monthly pictures greatly declined in quality over the last few months!  He had to have something in his hand to get him to lay there for even 5 seconds! And even when I tried to take some of him sitting up I usually ended up with a picture of his backside crawling away from me! Oh well!  Good thing we're done with those!

Carter's birthday was on a Thursday and we didn't do a whole lot of celebrating.  Just a few presents...

...and a birthday cookie for the birthday boy!  I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it!  It was devoured!

We got to have a party with all our family that weekend back home in Kansas.  The day started out with some family pictures and some new pictures of our 1 year old!  The rest of the day was spent preparing for the party. 

Carter wasn't too into opening presents.  Surprisingly, he didn't even really get into the tissue paper or wrapping paper!  So, I got to open the presents and he got to play with them! 

He got a rocking horse from Grandpa and Grandma!  He looked like a little cowboy sitting on his horse!  And, he has a little room to grow into his horse too!  His little legs didn't even come half way down, I don't think!

He got a big stuffed horse from Papa and Nana!  And loads of other toys too!  A very spoiled little man!

At 12 months Carter...

-crawls everywhere ( a quite comical one-legged crawl, but hey it gets him places!)
-into pretty much everything--nothing is safe and the bathroom door must remain closed!
-takes 2 really good naps and goes to bed super easy (when it's time, it's time)
-weighs 18 lbs. 4 oz. and 26.5 in.
-cruises around furniture
-likes to feed himself
-gobbles up fruits and veggies
-loves to play with his brother and it seems the rougher the better!

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